About US

Avalon Quality Partners helps individuals and organizations to improve results and reach new levels of performance. Our results-focused approach positively impacts the individual and the entire organization.

Our Story

Avalon is a mythical island off the coast of Wales, and legend has it that King Arthur’s sword was forged there and he was later taken to the island in exile after being wounded in his final battle.

As such, it represents those feelings of isolation or desperation, much like a small business entrepreneur or senior business executive may feel “alone on an island” when business performance is not optimal.

Furthermore, Avalon is translated as the “Isle of Apples” for the lush groves of apple trees that were self-sustaining on the island. Thus, its inhabitants had stable sustenance from a source of knowledge, as apples came to represent.

Core Values

As my family is of Welsh descent, and my daughter, the “apple of my eye,” is named Avalon this represents our CORE VALUES:


Our why

Our passion is for individuals and organizations to achieve Total Quality – quality people, quality processes, quality products and services, and quality of life.

Our How

We accomplish this by listening to the client’s needs and then delivering proven tools and methodologies that will effectively formulate strategies to meet those needs. We engage individuals and teams to align with the strategic objectives and execute to the fullest level of quality and efficiency.

Our vision

To partner with individuals and organizations to increase knowledge, strength and stability, resulting to increased performance and results

Our mission

“Status Quo is No Go”

For the quest for knowledge and stability is continual

The Team

Andy Thomes

Business Improvement Coach

With a background in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Andy transitioned into Quality early in his career. Through extensive experience in the implementation of Quality Management Systems (ISO), Six Sigma and Lean, he began to see the “big picture” and began his journey toward Total Quality.

This journey led him through a variety of organizations. From “mom and pop” shops, start-ups, global operations, distressed turnarounds, and rapidly growing companies, he has developed a unique skill set that allows him to rapidly and accurately assess complex organizational issues and conceptualize robust and sustainable solutions.

Along the way, Andy learned the value of team building and partnering with all levels of an organization, and became recognized as an effective team builder and mentor of high potentials.

Over the course of his 28+ year career, he has led or mentored over 170 improvement initiatives in manufacturing, operations, R&D, and administrative environments that have resulted in over $143M in business impact.

With his engaging style, he has been successful in facilitating teams in diverse cultures, including South America and Asia. As a result, Andy has been recognized with numerous awards and has been a featured speaker on various quality topics on multiple occasions.


  • Mechanical Engineering – University of Dayton
  • Certified ISO Coordinator – Blevins Technical Service
  • Certified Six Sigma Black Belt – American Society of Quality
  • Certified Lean Leader – Kaufmann Global
  • Certified Safety Systems Auditor – Det Norske Veritas


  • “Best Supplier Six Sigma Results” – PACCAR CORP
  • “Start Up of the Year” – Dayton (OH) Business Journal
  • “People’s Choice Award for Operator Focused Problem Solving” – Gerdau Corp
  • “Who’s Who in Business” – Who’s Who Publications
  • “Product Excellence Award – Shark Vacuums” – JD Power
  • “Seal of Approval – Maxi Cosi Coral” – Parent Tested Parent Approved


  • “Product Development: Kenworth T2000 Cabinet Assembly” – PACCAR CORP Six Sigma Showcase
  • “Quality Improvement Story: Reducing Metal Loss in Steel Casting” – Gerdau Corp QIS Competition
  • “Routine Management – Implementing the SDCA” – Falconi Consulting Group Annual Conference


  • Trusted Advisors Network – Reading PA
  • American Society of Quality – Boston MA and Princeton NJ chapters


  • Dorel Juvenile – Senior Manager, Product Integrity
  • Shark Ninja – Senior Director, Global Product Testing, Reliability & Sustaining Quality
  • Marcal Paper – Director, Operational Excellence
  • Gerdau Corp – Management Systems Coordinator
  • QuanCo Performance Coatings – Partner / Vice President of Quality
  • Mark Concepts – Six Sigma Black Belt

A Trusted Advisors Network LLC Affiliate

Avalon Quality Partners is affiliated with Trusted Advisors Network LLC. We are a world-class leader in the areas of business and management consulting, life/business coaching and training, youth leadership, and leadership development. We are dedicated to helping organizations and individuals manage strategic change, innovation, cultural transition, and goal achievement. Our clients’ results are measured by quantum jumps in productivity, performance, cost reduction, and asset utilization. Our approach is tailored to meet organizational and individual needs with proven processes. Our unique approach has been used since 1978 to help people become more productive and effective by linking individual performance to organizational performance.